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Here's my evaluative essay:

A good short story must have a believable plot, a strong climax, a well developed story line, an attention grabbing beginning, a fine use of vocabulary, and interesting characters.
The short story A Christmas Memory included all of these things. It starts out in a kitchen of a rambling house in a small rural house in the 1930’s. It’s a cold November morning and an old lady looks outside and says “It’s fruitcake weather!” She’s introduced as the cousin of a seven year old boy named Buddy. They both know that when she says this each year, they must start baking fruit cakes for everyone who has been kind to them in their lives.
The two best friends set off to collect ingredients for the fruitcakes in an old baby carriage, which used to be Buddy’s. First they collect wind fallen pecans and then the next day they buy the ingredients from the money Buddy’s cousin has saved up for the fruitcakes.
Together they work hard to bake thirty fruitcakes but at last they are done; then comes tree decorating time.
Since neither of them have any money, they make decorations at home and decorate their tree. Buddy’s cousin is delighted by how it turns out.
In the end of the story, Buddy is forced to go to military school by the other members of the house and his cousin is left alone. One day she doesn’t have strength to get up and leaves the world right there.
These two cousins have a wonderful friendship throughout the story. Buddy and his cousin are a great example of companionship, love, and closeness because even though there is a large age difference between the two, they work as one and try to make the best out of their lives.
I really liked this story because even though I was not able to connect with the characters, I really liked them. Buddy and his cousin were both delightful and had youthful minds; their enthusiasm made the story hard to put down! The plot was definitely believable because it was about two average people trying to do some good in the world and in their lives. The climax was strong and the story line was well developed; the ending was a little sad but it was very realistic.
I definitely give this story thumbs up because it was touching and I really admired the characters of Buddy and his cousin. I recommend it to anyone who wants an excellent read.



    Please, i need it by tonight


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    it is fine.

    the phrase "used to be" ought to be reworked.

    And, MC, if you ever have made a fruitcake, it is not believable that any normal person could do 30 fruitcakes in a single time frame, or even six a day. Fruitcakes are difficult and require strong arms. I tried one year to make several (a dozen) for Christmas presents, one cannot do that in a batch. STiring in fruit and flour in a washtup required more strength than I had, and the idea of 30... Well, I am nitpicking. Most folks would never know that anyway.

    Multiply the ingredents by 30 and you will have an inkling.

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    This is rather picky, but you might as well know.

    You need to go through and make sure all verbs are in present tense. All of them!

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    Thanks guys...and bob, i never knew that! Happy halloweenn

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