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A 125 kg fullback is running at 5.0 m/s to the east and is stopped in 0.75 s by a head-on tackle by a tackler running due west.

a) Calculate the original momentum of the fullback.
i did this and got 625 kg- m/s

b) Calculate the impulse exerted on the fullback
i did this and got 625

(c) Calculate the impulse exerted on the tackler.
I did this and got 625 but D I CANT FIGURE OUT !!!

(d) Calculate the average force exerted on the tackler.

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    d) force*time=changeinmomentum
    since you don't have time of impact, you cant do it.

    other answers: momentum and impulse are vectors, you didn't indicate direction.

  • Physics -

    Since the unit for force, a newton is equal to kg*m/s^2 you must divide the momentum, kg*m/s of the player by the time it took for him to be tackled.

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