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Mass Communication Studies

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Consider the issue and implications of intentional news media bias. Why are large segments of the American news media audience either unable or unwilling to be better critical media consumers?

Is it OK for Fox News network to do what it does – even while claiming loudly that it is “fair and balanced”?

What can or should other media outlets, especially cable news competitors of Fox News, do to counter this troubling trend?

Is it Ok for O’Reilly and Beck and Ann Coulter and the like to spew biased falsehoods (usually quite easy to fact-check for those who take the time to do so) and represent them as journalistic facts?

Are the people at Fox News so good at what they do that they are destined to permanently damage American journalism?

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    Well, consider the NY newspapers over the past or present.. click on national news, and see what they are reporting.
    This is world news?

    So what you have asked to me is just taboloid journalism, and it suffers all the characteristics of filth. The owner does not care, he is making money. The viewers have basal understanding of foreign affairs, and anything domestically to them centers on a conspiracy of some sort. This nonsense has been around for a long time, and probably will continue to be. Ever read the restroom walls at a Bus Station? It is not much different.

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