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MS. Sue , Thank for your response. Can you once more check to see if I have matched these (7) fallacy statements correctly .
1 . I don't care if she is the top psychiatrist in the state ! Her theory on sibling rivalry is extreme. How can we believe anything she says if she subscribes to theories of that nature ? (Scare tactics fallacy )?
2 .From one politician about another . " He's a tow -faced , liberal , anti-family , anti-values idealist !" (Ad hominem /genetic fallacy) ?
3. It's disgraceful that a member of the Elks Lodge would go out to fast food restaurants every night . Tthe Elks believe in family values , including home -cooked meals . (Straw Man fallacy)
4. Sure , I've heard that it's better to not eat cheeseburgers every day , but it's extra protein and protein is good for you .( argument from popularity fallacy ) ?
5 . From one mom to another : " I can't believe Shelia lets her kids watch that garbage ! I always knew she wasn't very strict . Now our kids will be over there watching that junk , too !" (Red herring fallacy )?
6. From a conspiracy theorist : " Come on , everyone knows that the government has lied to us in the past . This case isn't any different ."(argument from outrage fallacy ) ?
7. From a teenager confronted by his parent about breaking curfew : Why do we have to keep harping on this curfew thing ? Let's talk about that A grade I'm getting in algebra. (inconsistency ad hominem fallacy ) ?

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