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19. The focus of movement in Kenya for centuries has been toward the
a. lands of Northern Kenya
b. northeast coastal lands of Kenya
c. fertile lands of the central highlands on either side of the Great Rift Valley
d. lands in the north and the northeast of the country
not sure about this one...C?


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    25. One problem that the countries of Rwanda and Burundi share is
    a. a lack of means for moving their goods to foreign buyers.
    b. a lack of fresh water supply
    c. the absence of fertile soil
    d. very small populations


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    19. Yes, C is right.

    (Broken Link Removed)

    25. Although they are small landlocked countries, I don't think they lack for population.

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    On that second, there has been a population explosion in recent years. I suspect your text probably wants a) because the infrastructure is mainly poor roads, but "the goods for foreign buyers" bothers me. Both countries are 80 percent very inefficent agruculture, producing little. AT one time coffee was a major crop, and was exported. The years of genocide destroyed that production. Whilst the country still has the capability to be a major coffee exporter, the country lacks the will to organize agriculture into a profitable enterprise. This would require better roads, if they ever got it together in Government and culture focus on getting coffee produced and sold. I would go with answer a), as the others are clearly off base for those two countries.
    One of my ex-students and her husband are now missionaries stationed there, and have been there almost ten years.

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    Thank you both

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