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I have separated the paragraphs. Can you please tell me if I have missed anything, and how I can make it shorter if it seems too long. I will really appreciate your help, thanks.

The Reign of Terror was a period of violence in the French Revolution, during which thousands of people were executed as enemies of the revolution. Robespierre as well as his committe of public safety got to decide got to decide who the enemies of the revolution were.

In the Reign of Terror, revolutionary leaders began to turn on each other. The Girondins who favoured the political system, fought a battle to the death with the Jacobins, who criticized the Girondins.

During this year the revolutionary government got extraordinary powers and passed a number of harsh laws designed to intimidate or eliminate anyone who disagreed with the radical Jacobins. The law of suspects, for example, provided for the arrest of anyone of noble family or who had held office before revolution.

Also a complete reorganization of the armed forces, and new legislation was passed to regulate business. Later Robespierre got executed and Napolean took in charge.

  1. bobpursley

    OK. But your usage of the word "got". Go through the essay, and everywhere you see it, replace it with another verb. The usage of "got" as you have done it cheapens the value of your work.

  2. Sara

    okay, I'll do that, and then I'll post it up here for you to check, thanks.

  3. GuruBlue

    You did not mention what started the Reign. Who were the primary victims of that period, the use of the guillotine . How many were killed.

    What were the primary differences between the Jacobins and the Girondins. What about Marat?

    How did this change French History?

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