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A 1 g grasshopper and a 0.1 g cricket leap vertically into the air with the same initial speed in the absence of air which of the following statements must be true? (more than one statement may be true)
A) the grasshopper goes 10 times as high as the cricket.
B) Both will reach the same height
C) at the highest point, both will have the same amount of gravitational potential energy relative to the ground.
D) at the highest point, the gravitational potential energy for the grasshopper will be 10 times as great as that for the cricket.
E) the grasshopper and the cricket have the same initial kinetic energy.

I need to explain my answers too.
thank you.

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    What do you think is true?

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    i think it wouldn't matter that they have different masses, both will have the same kinetic energy energy. and they will have the same height. and i think C) too is correct but i'm not sure could some one tell me if i'm right or wrong?
    i know it will not be A) or D)

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