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does this sentence make sense? :

The family only had a PITTANCE amount of money left.

(pittance: a small amount or share)

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    I guess it's alright, but I rarely use the word pittance. I would change that sentence to this: The family only had a meagre amount of money left.

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    you could just write this as a simple sentence for Pittance, I earned my pittance by shoveling snow for the neighbors.

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    Better usage would be
    The family only had a pittance.
    I earned a pittance by shoveling snow.

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    ok, thanks Lisa

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    and bob

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    you're welcome

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    "a meager amount of money"

    "a pittance"

    They mean the same thing. When you write or say "a pittance amount of money," you're being redundant!

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    i know, i get it

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    Pittance is a noun, not an adjective

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