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Reaction Stiochiometry Involving Gases

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Ozone is depleted in the stratosphere by chlorine from CF3Cl according to the following set of equations:

CF3Cl + UV Light ---> CF3 + Cl
Cl + O3 ---> ClO + O2
O3 + UV Light ---> O2 + O
ClO + O ----> Cl + O2

What total volume of ozone measured at a pressure of 25.0 mmHg and a temperature of 235 K can be destroyed when all of the chlorine from 15.5g of CF3Cl goes through ten cycles of the above reactions?

  • Reaction Stiochiometry Involving Gases -

    how many moles of CF3Cl are in 15.5 grams?

    I appears to me that two moles of ozone per cycle are destroyed per one mole of CF3Cl

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