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please check these for me:

1. One of the possible drawbacks of technology is
a. it increases productivity
b. it never changes
c. it doesn't improve out living conditions
d. it can cause pollutions


2. Choose the one statement which is true about technology.
a. technology is knowledge of the natural world
b. technology is always changing and causes change
c. the work of technologists can be described as research
d. there was no technological advancement during the Stone Age


3. In a technological system, _____ are consumed or processed by the system.
a. goals
b. feedbacks
c. inputs
d. outputs


4. Which of the following processes involves planning, organizing, actuatuing, and controlling?
a. management
b. production
c. distribution
d. problem solving


5. In the production process, after you analyze the design, your next step would be
a. maintaining recycling outputs
b. delivering outputs
c. producing outputs
d. obtainign recourses


6. New technologies that are not widely used today, but may be at a later period of time are called
a. obsolete technologies
b. current technologies
c. emerging technologies
d. prototype technologies


7. Technology that is too expensive or risky is often developed by
a. the government
b. private enterprises
c. profit-centered companies
d. individuals


8. Which of the following types of technology transforms materials into products?
a. communication
b. construction
c. transportation
d. manufacturing


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    Have you checked all these with your text or study materials?


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    Then why are you wasting time posting them here? If you've checked in your study materials, you already know if they're right or not, yes?

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    On number six, obtaining resources may well be your book answer. But in the real world, you better build and test a prototype (or engineering design model) before you go further. Production details are always revealed in the prototype.
    A much better answer would have been
    e) build a prototype, and test it, before committing to a production or production schedule. This is true for both hardware and software.
    Murphy's law is gained from experience, and I would bet your text author is somewhat slack in that management experience.

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    oops, that is question 5, not six.

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    oh ok. thanks bobpursley

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