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I just had a look at tutorvista & it seems okay, because you receive help immediately. But I was wondering to know that can you get help for free when you click on the instant help.

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    Good luck.


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    I don't know.

    But questions posted on Jiskha often receive help with a few minutes -- and it's always free -- no matter how many questions a person posts.

    What are the qualifications of TutorVista tutors?

    Most regular Jiskha tutors have at least Master's degrees and many have PhDs. Most are also certified teachers.

    For what subjects and at what level are you seeking assistance?

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    No doubt, but this homework site is "way" better than any other one. I just wanted to give tutorvista a try, but I am deciding to stick with jiskha, because the teachers here are smart, and you receive homework help for free. This homework site is seriously the best one ever, forget about tutorvista.

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    I was also wondering like Anonymous if Tutorvista helps you for free when you click on the instant help. Like I know that you have to pay for having a private tutor, but say you have this one question which u really need help on, could you post it in the instant help box and receive help for free?

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    You have to ask them: They are in the business of making money. You usually don't even get a snowcone for free.

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