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algebra 2

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With the wind, a jet can fly 2500 km in 2 hours and 30 minutes. Against the wind, it can fly only 2000 km in the same time. Find the rate of the jet if the rate of the jet if the rate of the wind is 100 km/hr. Please Show All Work!

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    Not sure what you exactly want but here is what you will need to get your answers:

    V1 - Velocity of the jet

    V2 - Velocity of Wind

    So 2500km/(V1+V2) = 2.5hrs ----- (1)
    2000km/(V1-V2) = 2.5hrs ----- (2)

    Solving for the above 2 equations:

    2500V1 -2500V2 = 2000V1 + 2000V2

    500V1 = 4500V2

    or V1 = 9V2

    Putting this in (1)

    10V2 = 1000
    V2 = 100km/hr (Wind)
    V1 = 900km/hr (Jet)

    That's the answer

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