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what grade will this speech get me in a speaking and listening explain describe narrate??
Everyone knows I like my sport but I hate my injuries. I started playing when I was about 7 for my first club South Loughton in Essex. I had all the gear bat, pads, helmet, gloves but not the … if you don’t get what I mean now you will in a minute. Well I was batting in the nets for the first time wasn’t that good but I new the basics of batting. I was taking a few on the pads and then all of a sudden I got one right where it hurts and with no protection it really hurt. I have been hit quite a few times, about two years ago I went to a district training session when I had thought I only had damages ligaments in my finger. Once again I started batting and there was this one quite fast bowler who was bowling round chest height. I fended off the first few deliveries so I went to attack the next delivery and you possible can guess what happen I got it straight on the thumb. It hurt but I didn’t think much of it so carried on batting. When I finished batting took of my gloves and my thumb was about double size. But once again didn’t think much of it so I did a bit of bowling. When the training was finishes my mum came to pick me up and she saw my thumb and thought I should go to have an x-ray. So I went to have the x-ray on my thumb but also finger that I thought I had only done some ligament damage. Turns out I had broken both my finger and thumb. My Last injury was playing rugby, went into a tackle, grabbed hold of the shirt but as the guy pulled away my finger got caught on the shirt and when it was finally released it didn’t look quite right. So one again I went and had an x-ray. Surprise, surprise it was broken. But this time I needed an operation to put a k-wire in my finger to make sure it healed properly. Now that wasn’t to bad but when you have it removed what happens is it is yanked out of your finger with a pair of pliers. This k-wire is now inside and part of my bone so the first one is ripped out and the second wasn’t as quick and easy. It was only half drawn out with the first tug but the second pull did it. So it wasn’t the best of experience.

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    The grade will depend upon your instructor's specific assignment and the criteria used in judging it.

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