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I have to write an essay on this topic:

What were the factors that played a significant role in the collapse of Russian control over Eastern Europe?

This is my answer:
One of the main factors that contributed to the fall of the collapse of the Russian control in Eastern Europe was the common hatred of a system that was dishonest and coercive on people's rights.
There were several reasons why the communist system failed in Eastern Europe, one being that the communist system was disliked by a great majority of people in eastern Europe because eastern Europe was multi cultural and ethnic whereas the communist system did not recognize that and was controlled by Russia itself. The regimes of Eastern Europe never had control over their respective countries. Communism did not allow compromise and its system was strictly enforced by terror and control.
The Russians tried to prop up an essentially fragile system by installing Russian controlled local leaders. These leaders were in turn supported by Russian subsidies both economically and in military terms. This system placed a vast strain on the Russian economy that in turn depended on fright and authority to run its citizens.

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    Another reason for the fall of the communist system was the rise of the solidarity movement lead by Lech Walesa in the ship yards of Poland. The movement was a result of corruption and lack of good working conditions. This movement gained international support by President Reagan of U.S and Margeret Thatcher of U.K, who gave moral support to Walesa and the solidarity movement.
    Widespread disappointment throughout Eastern Europe with the corruption and failure of the communist system to provide the daily basic needs of its people provided a strong hint that damaged public confidence in a decaying, unfair system.
    The most important factor which caused the communist system to eventually fail in eastern Europe was the coming to power of Mikhail Gorbachev in communist Russia in the mid 80’s. He was different than the earlier hard line communist rulers of Russia who wouldn’t pay attention to the economics at all. Mikhail realized that the soviet system was failing due to the economic pressures and introduced new policies of Glasnost and Prestroika.

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    Finally when the Hungarian government recognized the passports of Eastern Europe and opened its borders to the people in defiance of Russia, it brought the end of the Russian control. As a result of the Hungarian government, thousands of East Germans ran to the Hungarian borders to flee East Germany and reach west Germany.
    After this, the East-German government caved in. The fall of the Berlin Wall was a reaction to the collapse of communist confidence. After the Berlin Wall fell, communism throughout Eastern Europe became indefensible.

    Is this alright?

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    MC, it ignores the main cause of the collapse of the Soviet Empire,that is, the collapse of the Soviet economic model. Without money, families fall apart if tensions are already strained.

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