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while shopping. jill spent six times as much as amy.if they spent a total of $84, how much did each person spend?

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    the 14 music club members each paid the same amount for dues.the club also earned $370 selling magazine subscriptions. they spent $600 to orangize a jazz festival. now thier bank account which stsrted a $0, is overdrawn by $10. how much did each memnber pay in dues?

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    jill is 6x, Amy is 1x

    7x = $84 x= 12,

    Jill $72, Amy $12.


    x = amount in Dues
    14 x + 370 - 600 = -10
    14 x = 220
    x = $15.71

    It doesn't work out exact due to rounding of the penny. The club would have overdrawn by 10.06 in the account.

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