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please check my answers:
Match each of the words in the first column with a synonym in the second column. write the letters on the lines.

1. blemish _c_
2. obstreperous _g_
3. ponder _a_
4. paramount _j_
5. invincible _h_
6. hoodwink _b_
7. disentangle _d_
8. cordially _i_
9. adjourn _f_
10. mediocre _e_

a. consider
b. trickery
c. weakenss
d. unravel
e. medium
f. discontinue
g. loud
h. unbeatable
i. politely
j. supreme


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    If those are your only choices, I'd say they're all correct.

    The words blemish / weakness seem rather an odd pair, but ... if those are your only choices, they're OK.

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