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please check these:

In the following exercise, capitalize the words that are spelled incorrectly. then spell it correctly. 1 misspelled word per line

1. MAXIMUN, memorandum, merchandise, millionaire
2. miscellaneous, mischievous, MONENTOUS, monotonous
3. MORGAGE, monument, mysterious, mustache
4. municipal, MUSLE, musicial, misery
5. nevertheless, NINTEENTH, niece, noticeable

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    That's Correct!

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    All are correct.

    I assume, though, that musicial is a typo.

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    6. necessary, naive (2 dots in the i), nickle, naturally

    I'm not sure about this one...i think it's naive?

    7. obedience, obey, OBSTACEL, occasion
    8. OCURRED, occurrence, official, omission
    9. outrageous, original, ordinance, OPTIMISN
    10. occupant, omitted, OPINON, operate

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    yes ms.sue that was a typo. sorry

    11. pageant, paragraph, PARADICE, patience
    12. permanent, persistent, possible, PHYSICAN
    13. QUESTIONAIRE, qualify, quarter, quantity
    14. rapport, reference, REMEMEBER, reimburse
    15. safety, salary, Saturday, SANDWIGH

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    16. substitute, succeed, suppose, SUFFICENT
    17. temperature, TOMOROW, terrible, toward
    18. unconscious, unfortunately, URGANT, unique
    19. UNTILL, upper, useable, unabridged
    20. vacation, VACUM, vague, variety

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    21. WANDAR, welcome, writing, worthy
    22. xylophone, xray, xerox, X-chromosome

    i'm confused about this it xerox?

    23. YELLEW, yesterday, yield, youth
    24. yawn, YAEST, yoke, young
    25. ZOTIAC, zombie, zero, zinc

    this is all

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    All of your answers are right -- except for one.

    Your answer for 6 is wrong -- but it's a misleading group of words. Naive is spelled correctly. But NICKLE is not the usual spelling for our 5-cent coin. Check a dictionary. Also check a dictionary for 22.

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    ok for #6. NICKLE = nickel

    and for #22. i think it's X-chromosome...but i'm not sure

    what would be the correct spelling?

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