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physics air bags

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The longer the impact time of an impulse, the smaller the force can be for the same momentum change, and hence the smaller the deformation of the object on which the force acts. On this basis, explain the value of air bags, which are intended to inflate during an automobile collision to reduce the possibility of fracture or death.

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    There is information in this which is at best misleading, and at worse wrong.
    " and hence..." is just wrong (or misleading)

    The air bag value is in deflation time, not inflation time. If a body presses against the inflated bag, it deflates slowly, lowering the force, and spreading it over a much larger area (instead over a golfball size area on the head against the windshield).

    Consider time of deflation, the ability to spread over area, what that does to the pressure acting against a human body.
    Pressure=total force/area= mass*changevelocity/(area*timeofImpact).

  • physics air bags -

    Lauren is awesome :)

  • physics air bags -


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