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in class we are discussing scientific methods of knowing (tenacity, a priori, etc.) We have been discussing that fact that each is different, and how to approach patient-therapist solutions.

My question: what is a unique way of bringing together the different methods of knowing in order to come up with solutions/treatments?


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    Rory, you are asking what is the art of medicine. THe art of medicine is indeed an art. Just as there are multiple methods for a painter to achieve his truth in a painting, there is a balance in these methods of truth seeking for the medical practioner (a priori, or intuition; use of authority; tenacity; and the scientific method) to find the truth.
    I think most medical practitioners would advise there is no unique way to bring these together, and that is in fact the purpose of a medical residency, to give experience so that judgment can be honed on how to balance these.
    A tenet of practical healing, is to never question the judgment of a physician (or an engineer). The reason for this is that in the practice of art, there is seldom an absolute truth.
    A very superior question, thanks.

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