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Explain...thank you..

A.(3 x 10)+(3 X 2)
B.(3 X 6) +(3 X 6)
C.(6 X 10)+(6 X 2)
D.(6 X 12)+ (6 x 12)

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    a 5 b 3 c 7 d 38

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    This is based on the distributive property of multiplication over addition.
    For example, the product 6*12 can also be expressed as
    6*(9+3)=6*9 + 6*3
    The total is still 72.
    If you go back to the queston, and check the answers, there is only one that gives a total of 72, that's the first clue. Another way to find it is find an answer that has the same form as the one above, but the sum of numbers multiplied by 6 adds up to 12. This gives you a confirmation.
    If you want to be absolutely certain, you can post your answer for a verification.

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    choose the answer from A, b, c, or d.
    thank you

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    So which one did you choose, and why?

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