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posted by Crystal

What are some ways I can help my son remember is spelling words. He is in first grade. I have tried him writing the spelling words over and over again. I even give him so many spelling words a day. what are some other options that I can use to help him with his spelling words.

  1. Ms. Sue

    Many early elementary educators believe that children are not ready to learn to spell at this age. They focus more on writing the way the child hears the words.

    Please talk with your son's teacher.

  2. Anna

    there are good spelling websites on the internet. Also leapfrog touch is very helpful as well. You can buy it at Walmart,etc.

  3. Anna

    You could make flashcards as well. You only need paper for this, and scissiors. Just cut the paper in like 8 squares and then behind that squared piece of paper write a word. Tell your son to look at that word for a couple of seconds then immediately flip it over, and ask him to spell.

    hope this helps:-)

  4. Like I'd Tell You.

    I know a lot of children who were spelling in first grade. I was one of them. My mom taught me how to spell by turning it into a game and making it fun for me.

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