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5th grade Math

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The area of Canada is about 10,000,000 sq. km. Of that area, 9,100,000 sq. km are land and 900,000 sq km are freshwater.

question: How many thousands of square kilometers does Canada have?

question: How many hundreds of square kilometers of Canada is freshwater?

question: Gina says that you can tell how many tens, hundreds or thousands are in a number by moving the decimal point. Is she correct? Why or why not?

Please help me with step by step details. Thanks.

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    I would divide 10000000 by 1000 and get 10000.

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    10,000,000/1,000 = 10,000
    9,100,000/100 = 91,000

    Gina is right. Try it. When dividing by 10 move the decimal point to the left. Since we are dividing by 1000 (for the first one) move the decimal to the left 3 places to leave 10,000.
    For the freshwater, move the decimal to the left 2 places to obtain 91,000.

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