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can someone please check my answer to this problem?

solve for indicated letter.

n=m+d, for m

the solution is m= (n+d)/m

is this correct?

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    No I think the answer is m=d/n
    check it out.
    n=m+d, for m
    first subtract m
    then divide both side by n leaving m alone

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    thank you I missed an important step

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    You both made mistakes.

    n=m+d, for m

    Merely subtract d from both sides.

    n - d = m

    If you have n - m = d, to get m alone you need to subtract (not divide) n from both sides.

    -m = d - n

    Multiplying both sides by -1 gives you

    m = - d + n = n - d

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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