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in this section of the lab report you are given an opportunity to explain any results you received which are different that expected. SOme of the discreptancies are due to carelessnesss, reading instructions incorectly, porrobservation, basically they all stem from not following the procedure properly. Identify the errors and relate them to the procedure, how you did or failed to do something. Remember to use Past Passive and write in complete sentances

Read each situation and identify potential problems and how to avoid them.

Reading a volume in the graduated cylinder.

could someone help me with this i don't get it. please and thank you:)

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    determining the volume of an irregular sold by displacement:

    Massing an object using the triple beam blance:

    Mixing a specific quantity of poweder into a certain amount of liquid:

    sorry for asking so late. :P i just don't understand this at all and i really wanna go to sleeep:)

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