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I usually know how to do these types of problems, but the second variable just threw me off balance..

47. A rancher has 200 feet of fencing to enclose two adjacent rectangular corrals. What dimensions will produce a maximum enclosed area? (the diagram is of two adjacent corrals sharing a middle fence, y, and each individual corral has length x [so the two together would be 2x for the entire length])

I hope I've explained the diagram enough...any help is greatly appreciated!! :D

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    Fencing needed= 3Width + 4 length, correct? I don't have your diagram

    Area= 2*W*L

    so 200=3w+4L so l= (200-3w)/4 putting that into area..
    area= 2w(200-4w)/4

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    Ohhhhhh i totally get it now! Thanks!! :D

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