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1. Toward what condition does diffusion eventually lead, in the absence of other influences?

2. How is osmosis related to diffusion?

3. If the concentration of solute molecules outside a cell is lower than the concentration in the cytosol, is the external solution hypotonic, hypertonic, or isotonic to the cytosol?

4. What role do csarrier proteins play in facilitated diffusion?

5. How is facilitated diffusion similar to diffusion through ion channels?

Please help me with these questions! I'm having a big trouble here! Thanks A LOT!!

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    We'll be more than happy to HELP you with these questions.

    But first we need to know what you know about these answers. For instance, in number 2, define osmosis and diffusion and attempt to find their relationship. Then we can add to or correct your thinking.

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    Do it urself

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