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I have to complete this puzzle for my course but I'm really stuck on it; I've done one like this before but I think in this one there might be a typo, but I'm not sure. Anyways:

I have been given 6 hints and 10 places and I have to find out which place fits with all the given hints.

The hints are:

1. not be a national capital [typo?]
2. be located on an ocean, major lake, or a major river.
3. be located within the continent, not on either coast.
4. have one official language.
5. have previously hosted a World's Fair or exposition.
6. be in a grassland region to allow fairgoers to see a praire reserve

The places are:

San Francisco, California
Chicago, Illinois
Dallas, Texas
Atlanta, Georgia
New York, New York
Washington, DC
Toronto, Ontario
Ottawa, Ontario
Montreal, Quebec
Vancouver, British Columbia

I think the first hint is a typo because then it says: "you read that it says no national capitals, which leaves eight cities" but the only cities that aren't national capitals are Toronto and Vancouver, British Columbia and that would leave only two choices.


  • Geography -

    I think you've misunderstood "national capitals." The only national capitals are Washington, D.C., U.S., and Ottawa, Canada. Most of the others aren't even state or provincial capitals.

    Let's eliminate the Canadian cities because Canada has two official languages.

    The cities located on an ocean, major river or major lake are:
    San Francisco
    New York

    Then we can eliminate San Francisco and New York because they are on a coast.

    I'm sure you can figure this out from here.

  • Geography -

    Thanks a million're a lifesaver! =D


  • Geography--PLEASE CHECK -

    --Is it Chicago, Illinois?


  • Geography -

    Yes, it's Chicago, which hosted World's Fairs in 1893 and 1933-34. My grandfather went to the first one and probably the second, along with my parents. Also, Illinois's nickname is "The Prairie State."

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