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The following data describes the rainfall.

Jan - 1
Feb - 3
Mar - 1
Apr - 2
May - 2
Jun - 2
Jul - 19
Aug - 21
Sep - 3
Oct - 3
Nov - 2
Dec - 3

Which statement best describes the averages?

A. The mean is the least appropriate to use to describe the average rainfall.
B. The mean is the most appropriate to use to describe the average rainfall.
C. The median is the least appropriate to use to describe the average rainfall.
D. The mode is the least appropriate to use to describe the average rainfall.

Please help.

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    Since mean and average are the same, the best answer is B.

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    I would disagree with Ms. Sue. Since the mean is most influenced by deviant scores, it would be least appropriate. To test this out, calculate the means with and without the July-August data.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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