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1. There are many ways to help you healthy. (Is this a correct sentence?)

2. How do you feel when you see green colors?
I feel happy.
I feel calm.
It make me feel happy.
It makes me happy.

3. Which season do you like the most? Why?

I like summer and winter the most because we have vacations.

I like spring most because we can have nice weather.

I like autumn most because I can see falling leaves and the weather is good as well.
(Are all the answers correct?)

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    1 - no it is not a sentence. Perhaps "There are many ways to help you stay healthy." or "There are many ways to keep you healthy."

    #2 all OK.

    #3 asked which season so you would expect a singular answer = either summer or winter, but not both.

    Everything else looks good.


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    1. No this is not a correct answer. One does not help someone healthy, they help someone to stay health, become healthy, etc.

    2. The last two sentences are incorrect because they begin with "it", whereas the noun they represent, colors, is plural. "They make me feel happy", or "they make me happy" would be ok.

    3. Last sentence is a run-on sentence.

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