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I am a little confused on the first question of this problem could someone please check my answers and please explain why and what I need to do to get correct answer thank you

Calculate the mean, and write this as a mixed fraction.


answer I got was:132 after addition step, then second step is to divide by 15 which I got was 8.8 now I guess my confusion is do I simplify it as 88/100 = 22/25 or do I take 100 divide it by 88 which is 1 12/88? which is the correct answer

is the mean or median a more useful representative of the set?

what is (median - mean)?
I don't know this one because I am confused about question a

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    First -- I added the 14 numbers and they totaled 130.

    If you forgot to include a 2 in your post, your answer would be right -- the mean is 8.8.

    The mixed fraction would be 8 8/10 = 8 4/5.

    This site should help you understand this term.

    The mean is the average of a set of numbers. The average of 4, 8, 9 is 7.

    The median is the middle number of a set of numbers. The mean of 4, 8, 9 is 8.

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    You have only 14 entries. Assuming you just didn't type one of the numbers in, 8.8 is correct. I would write that as a mixed fraction as 8-8/10 where - stands for a space (not a minus sign) and read as 8 and 8/10.

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    Yes I am sorry there was a typo there is supposed to be a 2...

    also how would i subtract the median and the mean?

    Thank you Ms Sue

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    I didn't check your math. As a mixed fraction..

    132/15=8 4/5

    Median: rank the data in order. Find the center data point (median), half is greater, half is less.

    What do you think is more useful?

    (median-mean) is a measure of the tighness of the data, that is, are their wild extreme points?
    Take the data 1,2,3,4, 100000000
    the median is 3, the mean is a very big number. Which is more useful? What does median-mean mean here?

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    Why do you need to subtract the median and the mean?

    What is the mean of your 15 numbers?

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    By the way I wrote it as 8 8/10 and didn't reduce it to the smallest numbers (as Ms. Sue did) because the problem didn't say in its simplest form. So I read 8.8 as 8 8/10. (But one of my teachers told me MANY years ago) that Bob, you ALWAYS reduce a fraction to its smallest term EVEN though I didn't tell you to do it.)

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    the mean of the 15 numbers is 132 divided by 15 = 8.8 which is 8 8/10 and the last part of the question which is question e) what is (median - mean=)

    since my teacher didn't say to reduce it to simplest form should I do it anyways??

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    I'd follow DrBob's advice and reduce the fraction.

    You know the mean of these 15 numbers. Now write them in numerical order. The median is the middle number.

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    ok so I am going to reduce it

    8 and 4/5 - 9 equals -1/5?

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    median I got was 9

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    I didn't figure the median -- but assuming it's 9, you should state the problem this way:

    9 - 8 4/5 = 1/5

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    Express the fractions 1/2, 3/16, and 7/8 with an LCD.

    A. 8/16, 3/16, 14/16
    B. 4/8, 6/8, 14/8
    C. 1/32, 3/32, 7/32
    D. 1/4, 3/4, 7/4

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