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The number of days in the month of July 2)
A) Constant B) Variable

Is it A.

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    Yes, it is a constant. It never changes.

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    Isn't February the only month where the number of days change?


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    Yes, M.C. Three years out of four, February has 28 days; the fourth year, it has 29 days.

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    Thanks and mysterychicken I don't think that February is the only month where the number changes because if you look at the calender you will see.

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    Leap Year!


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    Lisa, all of the other months have the same number of days every year.

    The old rhyme --

    Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November; all of the rest have 31, except February.

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    My bad I didn't look closely

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    but it's still constant right?

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    Yes. The number of days in July is constant.

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    yes, Lisa, the number of days in July is a constant.

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    Thank you

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