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i had to make a poster about othello which was fine but after that we have to write a 1-2 page critique about it. i know to talk about why i used certain things and if it works or not. but i don't know how to start it of and how to put the ideas together

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    Start by making a list of what you put in your poster. Then decide why you chose each component. Finally, did your choice add or detract from the poster?

    After you've completed the above, then you're ready to write the body of the paper. What thesis statement fits your data and ideas? Write the introduction last.

    We'll be glad to help you after you've made your list.

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    What does your poster say? WRite about that. Post what you write here, and we will be happy to critique it.

    My most difficult speech in college speech was very similar, we were assigned pieces of music (Mine was one of the Bach organ Toccatas (in F major), and I had to talk about it for three minutes. Geez. So you will learn ...write about your feelings, what you see, feel, think.

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