Financial officer Interview

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1.Briefly describe your current position and its duties and responsibilities.
2.What are the revenue centers for your organization
3.What types of centers (departments) have budgets?
4.How many cost centers are there? Can you give some examples?
5.How important is it to control costs?
6.How are fixed costs separated from variable costs?
7.How are variable costs handled?
8.What method of cost allocation do you use in your organization (Direct allocation, step-down allocation, double or multiple distribution, or reciprocal)? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using that particular method?
9.How are costs allocated? What are some examples of criterion you use to determine cost allocation?
10.What happens when a service’s revenues do not cover its costs
11.Has a service been discontinued because revenue did not cover its costs
12. What is it about your job that you like
13. What is the most challenging part of your job
14.Would you change your position if you had the chance

  • Financial officer Interview -

    1. I'm currently a retired middle school teacher.
    2. The revenue centers for my organization are state and local taxes.

    Oh! This isn't what YOU need. I guess you'd better answer these questions yourself.

  • Financial officer Interview -

    No I need to do an interview with a health care financial officer. These are the questions that I am asking you, or the person.

  • Financial officer Interview -

    Thanks for clarifying. However, I doubt if any health care financial officer will see your questions here.

    I suggest you make an appointment with a health care financial officer in your area and interview him/her in person.

  • Financial officer Interview -

    I was just hoping someone in the health area might have been on before and would have been able to take the time to interview with me. Just trying.

  • Financial officer Interview -

    What happens when the interviewer or manager overuses questions?

  • Financial Matters -

    Hello I was searching on variable cost, but i could not find nothing that defines How are variable costs handled? can someone one please explained to me how variable costs are handled? thanks a bunch:)

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