4th grade Language Arts

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Find the complete subject. I put the complete subject in ( ).

1. (Ramon travels) to many countries for his job.

2. (My mother) will meet him at the airport.

3. (He sometimes) stays at our home.

4. (Ramon bought) us presents from Holland last year.

5. (My family enjoys hearing) about Ramon's adventures.

The complete subject or predicate is...

Complete Predicate---is the Galapagos Islands.
6. My cousin's favorite place is the Galapagos Island.

Complete Subject---The islands
7. The islands are in the Pacific Ocean.

Complete Subject---Giant tourtoises
8. Giant tortoises are found only on the Galapagos Island.

Complete Predicate--can live to be 100 years old
9. These big reptiles can live to be 100 years old.

Complete Subject--Marine iguanas
10. Marine iguanas make their home on these islands too.

  • 4th grade Language Arts -

    1. Ramon, travels is the verb
    2. correct
    3. He, sometimes is an adverb that modifies stays
    4. Ramon, again bought is a verb
    5. My family, enjoys is verb

    6. is
    7. correct
    8. can live
    9. correct

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

  • 4th grade Language Arts -

    I don't think you are understanding the questions. Because I'm not looking for the verb on the first 5 sentences and your missing number 10...I think the numbers you gave me are off for the answers.

  • 4th grade Language Arts -

    Claire , I think you mis-read these corrections.

    PsyDAG is explaining the ones that are incorrect.
    #1 Ramon is the subject....travels is the verb.. Therefore your answer to #1 needs correcting. Please re-read these corrects.

  • 4th grade Language Arts -

    CLarie, your number 8 is correct. I If you then change PSYDAG's 8 to 9, and his 9 to 10, it will match your numbers.

  • 4th grade Language Arts -

    how do i compleate my homework about prefix puzzles and they don't have any words on the paper

  • 4th grade Language Arts -

    what is the complete predicate in the sentence

    He sometimes stays at our home

  • 4th grade Language Arts -

    can you help me on spelling

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