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Geometry Question plz help

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Could someone please explain how to figure this out step by step. I'll give you one of my problems and I'll try to figure out the rest.

Directions: For each situation find the value of x and the measure of the indicated segment.

1. UY=4x-3, YV=x; UV

  • Geometry Question plz help -

    If UY and YV are segments of a straight line, then


    If one knows UV, then one can solve for x.

  • Geometry Question plz help -

    Do I add 4x+x which equals 5x so would it be 5x-3=UV??

  • Bobpursley plz help -

    could you check the one i did myself

    2. UV=x+6,UY=x-1;YV
    Answer: x-5=YV

  • Geometry Question plz help -

    well, since UV is greater then UY, it means that UV is the longer segment, UY one part of it, and YV the other part.

    So UY+YV=UV
    then proceed.

  • RE: TO Bobpursley -

    So would the answer be x^2+YV=7

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