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A bookcase has 43 books. there are 34 students in the class. Are there enough books for the students? how do you know? use place value to solve

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    I don't think I know what place value is, but it sounds like there is enough books I guess. It depends on how many books is required for each student, which is not given here.

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    The obvious answer is yes.

    Divide: 43/34 = 1.2647

    Therefore there is more than one book per student.

    Is this what you need?

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    The tens place value is 4 (from 43) books available. You have in the tens place for students 3 (from 34). Since 3 is less than 4, you more than enough books for everyone (assuing each students needs only one book).

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    Oh DUH that's what place value is. Maybe it's time I go back to school!

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