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ok proving that thest two angles are equal

Gesh almost done lol :O

h t t p : / /w w w .a n g e l f i r e. c o m / s ta r s / d h s ph y s i c s / f r ic t i o n . j p g


How to prove this? Similar triangles.

Notice the upper angle in that photo is a right angle (ramp to Fn),

yes and i agree right anlge

in which the angle of Fn to the vertical is an angle complement to Fp and the vertical.

ok so your saying that...
angle Fn Fw

is complement to angle
fp and fw

because triangle adds up to 180 degrees ok understand but I need to find a proof for right triangles that the sum of their angles add up to 180 if you could show me one that would be great...!!!

Well, the ramp angle is also a complement to that angle.

huh so angle of the ramp is complemtary to angle Fw Fp...

ok i can visually see that but how do we now these two angles are complementary?????????

Therefore, ramp angle = angle Fn to vertical.

I agree... now snese both angles are completary to this other angle then they must be equal

ok just need a proof of why the angles in right triangle add up to 180 i looked on the internet couldn't find one and why those two angles are complementary...

and that's it =]

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    two angles are complementary if they add to a right triangle (ninety degrees). Fn is normal(right angle) to the ramp.

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