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A -3.5uC charge experiences a 13 ihat-N electric force in a certain electric field.What force would a proton experience in the same field?

I got -7.28*10^-18

from (1.6*10^-19)(-45.5)

I got -45.5 from multiplying 13 by -3.5

What am I doing wrong?

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    I would have just done a proportion:

    Force= 13N*(-3.5E-6/1.6E-19)= I don't get your answer.

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    I got -2.84E14 plugged it in and got the wrong answer

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    change the proportion to

    check that thinking.

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    ok both ways were wrong, you use cross multiplication: 1.6E-19/F x -3.5E-6/13N

    F(on proton)= (13N *1.6E-19)/ -3.5E-6

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