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Can someone explain this question is about deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning. I say the answer is deductive reasoning. Is this correct?
Question: All United States Presidents have come from the original 48 states. No person from Alaska can be President.

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    First of all, you have not posted a question.

    Since it goes from the general to the specific, it is deductive.

    However, it is a fallacy. Just because nobody from Alaska has been President (past) does not mean that nobody can become President (future).

    How about Hawaii?

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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    Yes we have a President from there. It did not say anything about Hawaii. Thanks for your help. So then you are saying it is deductive not inductive?

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    Yes, inductive starts from basic information to develop a rule. Deductive goes from basic rule to come to a conclusion about a specific situation.

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