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multiply (simplified fraction)


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    When you multiply two fractions, you need to:
    1. determine the sign (positive for like signs, and negative for opposite signs).
    In this case, the signs of the fractions are opposing, so the resulting sign is negative.
    2. multiply the numerators to get the numerator of the resulting fraction. Same for denominators.
    So -8/3*(7/1) = -(8*7)/(3*1) = -56/3
    3. Reduce the resulting fraction to its simplest terms. In the given case, it is already the simplest case.
    4. If the numerator is greater than (or equal to) the denominator, do a division to get the integer part. Any remainder will be the numerator of the fractional part.
    56/3=18 R2, so the final answer is
    -18 2/3

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    Thank you :-)

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