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1. net ionic equation for the reaction of tin (II) and solid mercury chloride to yield tin (IV), liquid mercury and chloride ion

2. net ionic equation for the reaction between solid SbOOH and H2S

I am not too sure about my equations, so I was wondering if someone could check with me, and if something was wrong, can you teach me how to do it.

1. Hg (2+) + Sn (2+) ---> Hg (l) + Sn (4+)

2. 2SbOOH + 2H2S ----> Sb2OS2 + 3 H2O

for some reason, they don't seem write to me.

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    The two chemical equations are balanced for electrical charge and number of atoms. One additional requirement is that they actually occur. That is a little more difficult to ascertain.

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    but are they correct in essence of net ionic equation?

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    The first one probably is ok. It often occurs when we don't want it to occur in the reduction step of Fe^+3 with SnCl2. If we add too much SnCl2 in excess, then we get the black Hg ppt of solid Hg; then that replicate sample must be discarded. The other one, I agree with GK, doesn't appear to make sense. I would think it more likely that Sb2S3 or Sb2S5 would ppt.

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