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I just need help on this passage...

To be a King, and wear a Crown, is a thing more glorious to them that see it, than it is pleasant to them that bear it: for my self, I never was so much enticed with the glorious name of a King, or the royal authority of a Queen, as delighted that God hath made me His Instrument to maintain his Truth and Glory, and to defend his Kingdom from dishonor, damage, tyranny, and oppression.

1. The point of Elizabeth¡¯s statement that to wear a crown "is a thing more glorious to them that see it, than it is pleasant to them that bear it" is to

a. emphasize the burdensome responsibilities of her position.
b. assert that she is fulfilled and happy in ruling her people.
c. suggest that it is difficult to look upon power without being dazzled.
d. reveal the foreknowledge she has of the treachery and betrayal.
e. refute the charges of those who think she is weak.

2. By using the word "Instrument" (part 1), Elizabeth specifically emphasizes

a. her obedience to God's will.
b. her political power as the monarch.
c. her resolve to discharge her duties in a regal manner.
d. her ambition to surpass the achievements of her predecessors.
e. the equality of men and women in God's eyes.

3.) In part 1, Elizabeth contrasts what she sees as the source of true delight with

a. religious devotion.
b. exalted earthly power.
c. the evils that can befall a kingdom.
d. her own weakness of character.
e. her political and diplomatic skills.

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    And your thinking is..?

    Elizabeth was not afraid to act decisively,there were many who plotted against her, as they thought she was not truly the rightful heir to the crown. The times were ripe with religious fears, religious wars, and religious plots.

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