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I'm writing a paper on love and I'm comparing boy/girl love veruses family love of 4 different characters. I have a definition for boy/girl love but I can't seem to find a definition for family love. Can you help please?

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    You might want to look at how the Greeks used different words for love:


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    Other languages have different words for different types of love. English doesn't seem to do that.



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    You might also look at these sites -- and then come up with your own definition of family love.



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    Matt gave you a start, you need to understand those terms. I am not certain how deep you are going on this.
    Boy/Girl love has elements of several kinds of love, and they vary. It is not simple.
    Family love? Freud explored those elements, and those feelings change over a person's lifetime, he broke them into four states. Books have been written on this. Rollo May (Love and Will) explored the differences between Plato Love and Freud Love, and compared them in a montumetual work.
    The subject you are embarking on is very complicated: biochemical, psyche, with elements that change over as one developes.
    Frankly, to do it justice, you will cover a lot of territory, and if you are unwilling or unable to do that, it is likely questions will remain in your analysis.
    I would avoid the subject in high school papers.

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    This is a topic people have written BOOKS about! Many students often choose topics like this (far too broad), and then end up writing sappy, vapid papers ... and wondering why their grades are awful.

    Choose a better, more focused topic.

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    Education, training

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