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Can someone explain this question to me? I don't understand it. Show how to find the quotient 18 divided by (-6) by using A. The ideas of division as finding a missing factor. B. The procedures for integer division. Thanks.

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    what do you mean by A? if 18 divided by -6 the answer is -3.

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    A. Because 3*6 = 18, and you have the factor -6, the remaining factor must be -3.

    B. I assume it wants you to show your work for long division.

    Note: it would help if you were more clear in posing the question.

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    As mentioned above, it is not clear what is to be demonstrated. I will present another attempt.

    Factorize 18 into prime factors. Since division by negative numbers is possible, include two factors of -1. So

    18 = (-1).(-1).2.3.3
    Now organize the prime factors into two groups A (in bold) and B (italized).
    18 = (-1).2.3.(-1).3
    Therefore 18/(-6) equals
    group B=(-1).3= -3

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