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A certain type of propeller blan can be modeled as a thin uniform bar 2.50 m long and of mass 24.0 kg that is free to rotate about a frictionless axle perpendicular to the bar at its midpoint. if a technician strikes this blade with a mallet 1.15 m from the center with a 35.0 N force perpendicular to the blade, find the maximum angular acceleration the blade could achieve.

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    I will assume that "blan" means "blade". Compute the moment of inerta I of the blade about the midpoint. It seems to me that at least two blades must be involved, at opposite ends of the midpoint.

    For the angular acceleration, alpha, use
    alpha = (Torque)/(Moment of Inertia)
    The torque is 35 N x 1.15 m

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    do i use I center = M L^2/ 12 for moment of inertia??

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    Never mind i got it to equal 3.22 rad/s

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    How did you get your final answer, Sarah?

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