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I am having a hard time figuring out the distane between two points the points are (9.8,-9.9)(-7.5,-5.5)I have the formula but i continue getting the wrong answer.

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    Between those two points, there's a change in x (the horizontal leg of a right triangle) and a change in y (the vertical leg of a right triangle). The distance between them is therefore the hypotenuse of the right triangle.

    x^2+y^2 = distance^2
    (it's the Pythagorean Theorem, because the distance IS the hypotenuse)

    x is the CHANGE in x, and y is the CHANGE in y (which create the horizontal and vertical legs, respectively).


    (-7.5-9.8)^2 + (-5.5--9.9)^2 = (-17.3)^2 + (-5.5+9.9)^2 = (-17.3)^2 + (4.4)^2 = 299.29 + 19.36 = 318.65

    ANSWER: The distance between the two points is 318.65 units.

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    that is the answer i have but it is not correct. i guess i am suppose to reduce it and square the answer. I have tried another problem. Find the distance between the pair of points (-6.2,4.6)(-4.5,0.6) i have the distance as 141.50 and their answer is 4.35. how did they get this answer i squared 141.50 and still did not get 4.35.

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    Whoops! Forgot to take the square root. Duh!

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