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where can I find Candadian Ben's occupation?

please help, Ive searched everyehere

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    Which Canadian Ben? What is his last name?

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    Canadian Ben Heppner's

    sorry, I forgot to mention his last name

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    He is a student at MIT

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    no, I mean Ben Heppner, not Ben Gulak

    and please don't five me the site Wikipedia,thanks

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    oh sorry Ms Sue, I nver knew had knew you gave it to me already, but that's okay. I think i can figure it out, thanks

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    Elina -- I'm sorry that you won't look at the Wikipedia site.

    Here is the first sentence in that article -- and it states very clearly Ben Heppner's occupation.

    "Ben Heppner, CC (born January 14, 1956) is a Canadian tenor, specializing in opera and classical symphonic works for voice."

    We can't help you unless you make an effort to help yourself.

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    sorry, its just that at times I really don't know where the actual info is hiding, because there is a lot of difficult words in there which confuse me, but thanks Ms sue, I appreciate your help

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    You're welcome. Wikipedia is a good source for basic information. It usually gives the most important facts in the first couple of sentences.

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    Are there any words you don't understand in this sentence?

    "Ben Heppner is a Canadian tenor, specializing in opera and classical symphonic works for voice."

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    symphonic, and tenor

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    This is when you need to look up the strange words in a dictionary. Check these sites.

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    You're welcome.

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