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To write a topic and discuss the challenges of the eighteenth century about the of names i gave already gave.

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    Here's your original post.

    What did those people do?

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    This is what i have so for and the topic sentence i have i don't think its good enough for this paragraph.

    These great explores received a lot of achievements and honors in American History Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Olaudah Equaino. They all tough us the meaning of American Literature and the goals and challenges they set throughout their life. Thomas Paine was a shared soldier and public official. His challenges were to write “The Common Sense” to tell how the colonies suffered directing from the rule of the Britain Monarch. The Common Sense in my opinion advocated the declaration of independence and a special moral to the rest of the world. Paine argument found quality in the Declaration of Independence, It was also and argument that America had to break ties with Britain. The American Crisis and The Common Sense were issues about that stake in the war and appeal to people of England about makings of war on their formal colonies.Benjamin Franklin challenges throughout his life as a boy and young man was not only self-serving but also other serving. He also was beginning to find himself as a good citizen of a good man and a good friend to others. The Autobiography was his main piece of work he tied his challenges to, his reasons was a high virtue, self- control, and self-improvement of his life. Franklin disputed that he sees people at their own ends of collectivity and friends of society in my point of view. Olaudah Equaino faced problems about authority and the contrast of slavery. One of his prime challenges was him and his sister was taken by slaves. He made the effort to do everything he could to get his sister back. During his time with the slaves he was named Gustavus Vassa and feared that every white man that he saw would eat him but all they wanted was him to work for them. He was told by his captain and the people on the ship he would be killed and eaten so he expected every moment to be his last. Equaino was test to an excellent education and being a good slave every morning.

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