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I have to deliver a 6-8 minute speech using only one side of 3 notecards. I have been practicing but it just seems impossible. I get nervous and lose my place or I leave out important points. What should I do?

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    First, you need to overlearn the basics of your speech.

    What do you want to tell your audience?

    Start with three new notecards. Write a main point on each one. Practice giving your speech with only this information. As you do this, you may find that you forget a couple of significant details. Write them on the cards.

    The key, though, is to be thoroughly familiar with want you want your audience to know.

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    ** with WHAT you want your audience to know.

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    Practice in front of friends. IF they are your friends, they will bear with it.

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    Beside the excellent suggestions you have already received, this article might also help:

    Definitely overlearn what you want to say. Overlearned material is retained even under conditions of stress, like giving a speech. To overlearn, you keep practicing until you really won't need to rely on your notecards.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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