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1. I have a decayed tooth. I have to have the cavity filled with gold/amalgam at the dentist's.

2. I have to have my wisdom teeth pulled out by a dentist.

3. I need to have the cavity filled with amalgam.

4. Which filling material do you want to use?

5. I have to brush my teeth with a good toothbrush every day.

6. We don't need to be afraid of having a teeth pulled out because we get a local anesthesia shot.

(Would you like to check the sentences? Correct the errors, please.)

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    1 is fine; use "amalgam" instead of "gold/almalgam" -- OK?

    2, 3, 4, and 5 are fine.

    In 6, I'd write "anesthetic" in place of "anasthesia shot."

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    Again, "dentist's" should not be possessive, unless you say "dentist's office."

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